Press release: Paquay & Associates first Belgian consultant to be certified for the renowned Business Model Canvas of Osterwalder and Pigneur

Brussels/Geneva Matty Paquay belongs, together with 30 other business consultants worldwide, to the first cohort of officially certified trainers on the renomated Business Model Canvas. Matty is at this moment the only and exclusive Belgian consultant succeeding in passing the certification process. More even, it is a Benelux first.

It all started in 2010 when Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur wrote the book on Business Model Generation. The book describes a methodology enabling companies, from free lancers to multinationals, to develop new business models and value proposition, but also test them in a low cost and very efficient way. Crucially is the involvement of broad groups of employees in the process. The book became a worldwide best seller.

Today the techniques are in use worldwide. However they are not always applied properly. This motivated the authors to launch a dedicated programme training consultants in the proper usage of the techniques. After demonstrating a high level of profiency and meeting the authors quality standards the consultant will be granted a title of certified trainer. Matty Paquay is one of the 30 consultants worldwide successfully passing the assessment. And the first Belgian obtaining the certification.

Matty Paquay : “We advice and coach high growth businesses in taking the right decisions and implementing the appropriate transformations in the pivotal moments of their growth process. The Business Model Canvas is one of the tools that we use in our practice. As it is a very popular tool at this moment, you see it popping up everywhere. Unfortunately in most cases it is not put to use in a correct way. We wanted to give our clients the assurance that we apply these techniques correctly. Therefore the certification. As we help business to reach top positions in their field, also invest to be at the top in our specialism worldwide.

You must give the authors credit : they take the training and assessment process serious. Quite a number of the consultants did not meet their standards at the end of the assessment process.”


Picture : from left to right : Alex Osterwalder, Matty Paquay, Dr. Yves Pigneur




Picture : from left to right : Alex Osterwalder, Matty Paquay, Dr. Yves Pigneur