Good coaching starts with a workshop

We organize workshops at regular intervals. The workshops deal with a specific area of work.

It happens often that workshops are a cheaper do-it-yourself version of a more extensive advisory process. In other cases, a workshop is above all a concealed encouragement for a more comprehensive program.

P&A workshops are neither of these; they are a stand-alone service. In many cases the workshops are the first phase of a more fundamental collaboration. In almost all cases, we recommend that customers who have chosen to start with an advisory process, start with a workshop.

Why a P&A workshop?

Our one-day workshops are designed to teach course participants some fundamental basic insights about their company and how it functions.

We realize that our claim may seem very compelling. Yet this is the impact these workshops have. They owe their impact to the dual technology the workshops are built around:

  1. In the course of one day, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to look into their own company 'from the outside'

  2. During the workshop, entrepreneurs will learn to look at their own company through the eyes of a consultant and an investor.


Along with a number of fellow entrepreneurs, participants learn to look critically at the organization and its activities through P&A's 'glasses'. Those glasses are shaped by our extensive experience with growth companies during one of the five key moments.

Workshop 1: how (well) do I manage my company?

Managing a company the right way is a constant challenge for any entrepreneur. For growth companies, however, the bar is just that much higher.

Passing on tasks vs delegating

Take as an example how to manage staff. During typical turning points, which every growth company must go through, most entrepreneurs actually feel the need to delegate (more). But in practice there is too little delegating, or it is not done correctly. This also applies to the management team that reports to the entrepreneur.

There are several reasons for this. Delegating correctly requires a certain distance, whereas the entrepreneur is often too much 'absorbed' by the organization itself. If the process of delegating is not done systematically, he will have the feeling – quite justifiably – that he is letting go of too much – wrongly so – causing him to intervene, whether necessary or not. And as a result, there is exasperation from his management team (and all other staff) and less well-performed tasks. The main reason why his leadership fails, is because he cannot see the bottlenecks. He is doing what he always does. And so is his management team. However, its rapid growth means the company needs new, customized practices. Every entrepreneur plays a central role in this, in all respects.

The solution: 12 hours of your time

Paquay & Associates specialize in advising growth companies, and are thoroughly aware of the challenges facing growth entrepreneurs. Based on our experience, we have developed a workshop that visualises the key challenges for every entrepreneur and assists in finding solutions. In just 12 hours of your precious time, you can lay the foundations for the best way to manage your company.


Customized solutions

The workshop is organized in small groups of 5 to 8 growth entrepreneurs. Important to point out here, is the fact that the workshop is reserved for entrepreneurs. In the next stage, specific workshops can be organized for the management team. The methodology has been developed so that during the workshop you will discover what the bottlenecks are in your organisation, and you will design a basis for the right approach within your business. The insights and examples of fellow entrepreneurs will help you during this journey of discovery.